We Invest in You!

The Managers of A List Partners REI Fund have opened the fund up to new investments in the amount of $250,000 for July. The management company will increase your investment by 1% the day your investment is accepted into the fund. The extra 1% is paid by the management company and does not come out of the profits generated by REI Fund. As an example, if you invest $10,000 before July 31, 2015 then your investment account will be credited with $10,100.00 on the acceptance date of your investment. If you invest $100,000 then your account will have a balance of $101,000 on day one.

You could keep money sitting in your savings account at your bank and not even earn 1% on it. Or you could make a better choice and invest it into REI Fund and earn 1% immediately on day one plus the 8% annual preferred rate of return to investors plus 70% of profits after the 8% annual preferred rate is distributed to the investors.

Call or email us today to discuss this exceptional offer to help you build wealth as opposed to a earning a stagnated, flat growth of money in a bank or through Wall Street. Put your investment dollars to work helping to build communities in Texas. Your investment is backed by title to real estate in Texas.