Texas Quarterly Housing Report Shows Texas Is Still Hot

On August 3rd, the Texas Association of Realtors® released its quarterly report outlining the sales data from a statewide prospective and for 25 metropolitan areas throughout Texas.

Statewide statistics show the Texas real estate market is continuing to strengthen. With median home prices growing to an all time high at $200,000 (up 8.1% from Q2-2014), and housing inventory shrinking to 3.8 months (down from 4.2 in Q2-2014), Texas remains one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation.


This increases the challenge that real estate investors have with acquiring real estate at prices that make good financial sense as an investment. Simply put, real estate investors cannot find investment quality deals through traditional avenues such as the MLS. A hot real estate market has a way of weeding out the ‘hobby investors’, because all those great MLS deals in a bad market no longer exist.

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