REI Fund Now Open to Foreign Investors

In a response to a number of non-US investors who live in countries other than the United States wishing to become investors in the REI Fund, A list Partners Management has filed Regulation S documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission to allow for foreign investors to invest directly into the fund. There are conditions that must be met before an investment may be accepted into the fund. The country of origin of the investment must not be on the list of countries subject to sanctions by the U S Government or countries that are subject to restrictions imposed by the U S Treasury Department.

The managers felt that this is an appropriate addition to the REI Fund given that we are launching a series of EB 5 funds in the very near future. Details of EB 5 Funds will be posted to the web site as the structures are in place.

In addition to the Regulation S filing to help facilitate foreign investments into the Central Texas market, A List Partners Management is building a platform of Portfolio Interest Tax Exempt investment vehicles for foreign investors. More details of this will also be added to the web site.