David F. Owen, CFM

Chief Executive Officer

Santiago Mejia

Chief Operations Officer

Jordan Regalado, CFM

Managing Member

Regional Center Fund

A List Partners Regional Center (ALPRC)

A List Partners Regional Center (ALPRC) is a Regulation D Rule 506C Security filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This Security, or fund, is considered a Hybrid fund. It is both unique and exciting because it has multiple streams of income into the fund, which all add up to high yield returns on investments for A List Partners investors.

These multiple streams of income include:

1. Real Estate projects specific to the “golden corridor” of Texas, which encompasses Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston and all counties in-between. (This geographic area is considered one of, if not the very best, in the United States for real estate investment, etc.);
2. Lender discount points;
3. Interest from loans;
4. Participation in Management Fee of EB5 Securities;
5. Rental Income from properties held in the portfolio;
6. Equity Participation in EB5 projects;
7. Profits from the sale of properties in the Portfolio;
8. Income from “renting” our Regional Center to developers;
9. Admin Income from each EB5 Investor;
10. Miscellaneous income from financing fees, rebates, etc.

ALPRC is a private lender making loans against real estate mostly located in the Central Texas area but will consider projects outside the State of Texas. ALPRC develops small commercial and residential properties in the Austin – San Antonio area and then lists those properties for sale, keeping the profits in the fund for the benefit of the investors. At times, ALPRC will acquire rental properties into the portfolio, which creates rental income and appreciation gain when the properties are sold from the portfolio.

One very unique aspect of our ALPRC fund is the EB-5 Visa program, which requires a Regional Center to administrate a project that uses EB-5 investments as a part of the financing capital stack of the project. An EB-5 Regional Center is an entity that is filed, approved by, and audited by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USICIS) for the purpose of managing EB-5 projects and investments. ALPRC manages EB-5 projects that are each its own Regulation D Rule 506C Security. Investments into an EB-5 project are limited to investors making application for an EB-5 VISA.

Due to a vast and growing network of real estate developers that have been heavily vetted by ALPRC and are seeking capital for their projects, ALPRC provides many opportunities for investing into viable real estate projects in the major metropolitan areas of Texas that meet the necessary requirements for obtaining an EB-5 VISA. ALPRC treats our EB-5 Investors with the greatest of respect and appreciation and thus offers, on average, 500% higher returns to EB-5 Investors.

Our success rate with EB-5 projects is phenomenal as our EB-5 Team has completed over 230 successful EB-5 applications since 1996, and because we take the time to carefully scrutinize a potential project before we agree to add the project as one of our EB-5 investment opportunities.

Another key component of the ALPRC fund that is unique is its appeal to foreign investors who wish to reap income from returns on investments in the United States that are not subject to withholding tax from the US. This is accomplished through the PIE, or Portfolio Interest Exemption program. If you are or if you know a foreign national who wishes to invest into the United States, please ask us for more information on this amazing opportunity which also exists under the umbrella of our Regional Center fund.

Recently, U.S. News & World Report stated that Austin, Texas was the #1 place in the United States to live. This is where our headquarters resides, and the combined real estate experience in the A List Partners Management Team extends past 100 years.

The A List Partners Regional Center fund consists of various real estate projects and developments, loans and programs that are analyzed for profitability from the beginning, thus allowing our investors to reap the very highest yields possible.

Finally, the ALPRC fund is also approved for IRA investment transfers. If you are not earning at least a 10% FIXED rate of return, you need to talk to us about the possibility of moving your hard-earned money into our fund to increase your own returns, at times dramatically.

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