David F. Owen, CFM

Chief Executive Officer

Santiago Mejia

Chief Operations Officer

Jordan Regalado, CFM

Managing Member

Regional Center Fund

A List Partners Regional Center (ALPRC)

A List Partners Regional Center, LLC (ALPRC) is a designated Regional Center by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). An EB-5 Regional Center is an entity that is filed, approved by, and audited by USCIS for managing EB-5 projects and investments. For more information about a Regional Center please click here: www.alistpartners.com/regional-center/

APPRC is a Regulation D Rule 506C Security filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All of our New Commercial Enterprises (NCE) are set up as a Regulation D Security as well. This gives our EB-5 Investors an added comfort level that there is an additional layer of compliance with a Federal Agency to make sure that the project and the investment are being managed correctly with the best interest of the investors in mind.

ALPRC is offering to investors Two (2) classes of Membership interest in the LLC which shall be identified as “Class A” Membership interest and the “Class B” Membership interest. The minimum investment amount per investor for either class is Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000); provided, however, that the manager reserves the right to accept subscriptions in a lesser amount or require a higher amount. Class A and Class B Membership interests shall be subject to different rights, preferences, returns, benefits, and restrictions.

ALPRC is a super fund in that it has multiple streams of income. Non-EB5 Investors (both US and Non-US Investors) who invest into A List Partners Regional Center enjoy high returns on their investments because of the multiple income streams that come into the fund.

  • In some cases, equity participation in real estate projects we finance
  • Rental income from properties in our portfolio
  • Income from sale of properties in our portfolio
  • In some cases, equity participation in EB-5 projects
  • Income from ‘renting’ our regional center to developers
  • Admin income from each EB-5 Investor
  • Participation in the yield created by each New Commercial Enterprise managed by ALPRC
  • Lender discount points
  • Interest from loans
  • Miscellaneous income from financing fees, rebates, etc

This, along with the fact that we only bring High Yield Real Estate projects, developments, loans and well-underwritten EB-5 projects into our portfolio, means that we can offer our investors higher rates of return compare to most other funds or other types of investments.

Additionally, due to a vast and growing network of real estate developers that have been heavily vetted by ALPRC that are seeking capital for their projects, ALPRC provides many opportunities for investing into viable real estate projects in the major metropolitan areas of Texas that meet the necessary requirements for obtaining an EB-5 Visa. ALPRC treats our EB-5 Investors with the greatest of respect and appreciation and thus offers some of the highest returns to EB-5 Investors.