Quyen Do

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Quyen Do

Ambassador to Viet Nam

Quyen Hoang Do immigrated to America in 1984 and currently resides in New Braunfels, Texas. Quyen is an accomplished woman who serves her community in central Texas as a financial services professional. She’s been an entrepreneur for most of her working career where she ran the family owned businesses and started her own salon, which is a very successful enterprise.


Never satisfied with her achievements, Quyen has shifted her focus to the financial industry because she feels she can better serve her community. She has become the financial resource that helps families, businesses, and individuals plan for their financial future and the bridge in breaking down the barriers of languages so that the people she helps can better understand the world of finance, investments and wealth-building in the USA.


As A List Partner’s Ambassador to Viet Nam, Quyen will be working with and educating the people of Viet Nam on how to build wealth in the USA and how to immigrate to the USA. Knowing the culture and the language of the people of Viet Nam and having her own relatives and friends still in Viet Nam, Quyen is determined to make the bridge from Viet Nam to the USA a great and profitable experience.


Quyen will also work with her community in Texas and show them wealth-building opportunities offered by A List Partners. Vietnamese is the third most spoken language in Texas. As a member of the team at A List Partners, Quyen will be able to open up investment opportunities to the Vietnamese community in Texas and the USA.

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