Princeton Apartments

The PPA Group, LLC (“Sponsor”) is pleased to offer an EB5 investment opportunity for the development of a 306 unit apartment project in Princeton, Texas. A single asset entity (“Company”) will provide for the ownership structure of the property, The Princeton Apartments.

Property Summary

Property Name: Princeton Apartments

Address: Highway 380, Princeton, TX

Number of Units: 306

Net Rentable Sq. Ft: 244,230

Year of Competition: 2019

Average Unit Size (SF): 798

Land Site (Acreage): 14

Total Capitalization

First Lien: $30,000,000

Second Lien: $7,500,000*

*The JCE will be reducing this debt by $5,000,000 within the first year leaving a second lien in the amount of $2,500,000 into the capital stack.


Total Debt: $37,500,000 with principle reduction of $5,000,00 in first 12 months


EB5 Preferred Equity: $11,000,000

Sponsor Equity: $500,000. Which will be paid back to sponsor from the first lien loan.

Partner Equity: $0

Total Equity: $500,000

Total Capitalization: $43,500,000

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