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High Yield Investment Funds From A List Partners Management, LLC.

Regional Center Fund

A List Partners Regional Center (ALPRC)

A List Partners Regional Center (ALPRC) is a Regulation D Rule 506C Security filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This Security, or fund, is considered a Hybrid fund. It is both unique and exciting because it has multiple streams of income into the fund, which all add up to High Yield Returns on Investments for A List Partners investors.

ALPRC is a private lender making loans against real estate mostly located in the Central Texas area but will consider projects outside the State of Texas. ALPRC develops small commercial and residential properties in the Austin – San Antonio area and then lists those properties for sale, keeping the profits in the fund for the benefit of the investors. At times, ALPRC will acquire rental properties into the portfolio, which creates rental income and appreciation gain when the properties are sold from the portfolio.

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REI Fund I

Real Estate Investment (REI) FUND I

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A List Partners Management, LLC (ALPM) manages a Real Estate Investment (REI) FUND filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Regulation D Rule 506B as well as with the appropriate departments of any State in which resides an investor in the fund. The fund was created to bring together the benefits of a diversification of real estate investments while reducing some of the barriers to entry of individual real estate investors who are faced with navigating all of the various types of real estate investing on their own.

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EB-5 Westin Southlake

Westin Southlake will be one of the elite hotels in the North DFW market. The hotel will be the largest and most upscale hotel within the SH 114 corridor. With its excellent location and proximity to numerous activity centers in Southlake the hotel will offer a markedly different experience to other properties. In addition to the design and guest experience offered, the Westin Southlake intends to distinguish itself from other properties in the area through the use of a leading sales and marketing platform to drive occupancy and room rates.

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