Morris Daugherty

Investor Relations

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and later moved to Chicago, IL. I joined the Air Force and served 20 years, 21 days and 10 hour and 23 minutes. I retired in 1972.

I then went back to school and graduated in 1975 to become a United Methodist Minister. While serving as clergy, I worked closely with builders/contractors to build a parsonage in Kerrville, Texas and two new churches. E.T. Dixon UMC in San Antonio, Texas and St. Peter’s UMC in Austin, Texas. I am very familiar with the building/construction industry and the budget needed to accomplish your dreams. After 48 years of serving in the United Methodist Church, I can say that “right now” I am retired.

Some of my other accomplishments are:

  • I built both of my houses from ground up and I have never had a mortgage note. I shared my knowledge and experiences with my military friends and family. It is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done.
  • Another accomplishment is that I served as the CEO of a Boys and Girls club in San Marcos, Texas, while I was pastor of Jackson Chapel, in San Marcos.
  • Finally, my most rewarding service is to be able to keep my 101 year old mom, Ruth Parks, at home with me. We celebrated her 100th birthday on the cruise ship, and what a celebration it was!

During the last few years, I discovered the true relaxation of cruising. It is just what the doctor ordered. Time to be “me,” daily exercise, great food, entertainment; all while meeting and socializing with people that enjoy this type of lifestyle. Currently, we take at least eight cruises a year and are often asked, “How can you afford to cruise as much as you do?” I smile and explain how we pay for our cruises because of the distributions checks that we earned from our investments in private funds! If only you could see the looks on their faces! They ask, “Distribution checks? Private funds? The bank’s interest rates are so low!” This is when I tell them about our investment opportunity!