Lending Guidelines & FAQs

Types of Lending Solutions


Lending Rates and Terms / Private Money Loans


Loan Term: 3-12 Months (if this is a 5 unit plus or a mixed use property longer term loans are available.)

Interest rates: 11 to 15% interest only annualized and payable monthly.

Loan to Value: up to 70%. Typically 70% of purchase price and repairs provided the total loan amount does not exceed 70% of the after repaired value (ARV) or After Built Value of the property. For purchases, 65% of as-is Broker Price Opinion value or Appraised Value (whichever is less), and 50% to 60% of as-is BPO value for refinances and cash-out loans.

Acceptable property types are: 1-4 unit, 5+ unit, mixed use properties and horizontal development.

Areas in Texas: We are currently funding hard or private money loans in Austin (Travis County), San Antonio (Bexar County), Houston (Harris County), Dallas (Dallas County), Ft. Worth (Tarrant County) and surrounding counties.

Prepayment Penalty: None

Lien position: 1st only

Origination Fee: 2%

Lender Discount Points: 3%

Closing Time Frame: Approximately 7-14 days after final closing documents are prepared.


Lending Guidelines


  • A List Partners Management, LLC does not fund Owner Occupied properties (all loan proceeds must be used for business purposes only).
  • All loans will require the minimum documentation: Title Policy, Insurance, Inspection, “As-Is” and “As Repaired” Appraisals or BPO, Flood Certificate and in some Commercial Loan cases an Environmental Study.
  • Rehab and Construction funds will be held in escrow and will be released in draws as you complete the renovations or construction on your property. We will provide appropriate draw advances. All borrowers are responsible for managing their own contractors and material.




Do you offer 100% Financing on Residential Rehab?

Our Residential Rehab Program provides private money for short term funding to Real Estate Investors for purchase and
rehabilitation of residential real estate, and to help you complete your projects.The primary collateral for funding is the value of the property. We use the purchase price to determine the funding limits. We can provide up to 100% of the purchase and rehab funds for a project for qualified properties and investors. 100%
financing requires minimum FICO score of 680, fully documented income, a homeowner living in the state buying the property and liquid reserves of 6 months.

Eligible properties include:

  • Single-family homes- non owner occupied
  • Townhouses
  • Condos 2, 3, and 4 UNITS
  • 2-4 units with a Storefront

How can a Private Money or Hard Money Loan Help me?

Private Money or Hard Money Loans include funds for the purchase of the property as well as the rehab of the property and are ideal for your fix & flip projects. Typically, we do not look at income or credit on the borrower for our hard money loans. These are for hard money investment projects or cash out on free and clear properties. These loans are a great option for new construction as they often are a better solution than a builder having to take on equity partners. Hard Money Loans enable you to completely leverage your working capital in order to obtain a maximum return on investment.

What is a Bridge Loan?

The bridge loan is useful when a borrower only needs financing for a short time frame where a long-term fixed rate loan does not make sense. A hard money bridge loan from private money lenders can be used by real estate developers, real estate investors, or other business entity to take advantage of commercial opportunities that typically do not meet traditional bank standards. Our typical maximum loan-to-value allowed on subject properties is 65%.

When is a Bridge Loan used?

When a borrower owns an investment property and it is currently on the market for sale, and needs capital to fund their next real estate deal. Being a private money lender, we would lend on the property (bridge loan) until the property sells, this would be a hard money equity bridge loan. In this way they do not miss out on their next deal awaiting the sale of the property they own.

Why will a Bridge Loan help me purchase an investment property?

A private money loan from A List Partners Management, LLC can be used to purchase real estate even if a borrower does not meet conventional banking standards. Many times borrowers do not have time to wait for a traditional bank that typically has a slow lending approval process. A List Partners Management allows the ability to move quickly and efficiently as we understand the concept of “time is money”. Unlike traditional banks we can continue to move forward with low or no credit scores, incomplete construction, property in need of repairs, etc. A List Partners will also allow private money cash out on refinances allowing you to extract equity from real estate you already own. A List Partners is able to to provide unique customized loan structuring that traditional banks only dream they could do. Our niche is getting you the funding and financing you need in a timely manner. At times this could be as little as one week. These are just some of the ways the A List Partners Bridge Loans can help with getting your deals funded. If you are looking for a bridge loan in Texas for your commercial deals we would love to see any and all of your loan requests.