Jordan Regalado


Global Compliance Officer

Jordan Regalado began his association with A List Partners Management since the inception of the company as a project manager. Prior to that Jordan studied business administration with an emphasis on marketing at the University of North Texas. He has earned his Certified Private Lender Associate (CPLA) designation and his Certified Fund Manager (CFM) designation from American Association of Private Lenders.


Jordan has been developing his professional skills while keeping pace with the growth of the companies under the A List Partners brand. Jordan earned a promotion to a portfolio manager prior to being named a managing member of A List Partners Management. He is also a licensed real estate agent in the State of Texas for the A List Partners brokerage.


Before joining the A List team, he held positions in the hospitality and fashion industries, gaining strong social skills which helped him to form a well-rounded personality who is considered affable and approachable by the people he meets.


As a San Antonio native with family dating back five generations, Jordan appreciates the familiarity he has with Central Texas. He has a deep desire to work in real estate. He embraces the idea that real estate is an asset and the community in which the asset is located helps determine the value of the asset. Therefore, working with people in communities to help them understanding the value of acquiring an asset like real estate is very appealing to him.


In his free time Jordan enjoys trips to the lake, family gatherings, and weekends of fishing with his father.

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