Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan Martinez


Assistant Director Business Development

Jonathan Samir Martínez Astaiza, was born and raised in Cauca, Colombia. He now lives in Bogota and is in his last year of study at Unificada Nacional de Educacion Superior, working to complete his degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business / Entrepreneurship. Jonathan has excelled in his academic studies throughout his life and received many academic honors.


His work experience began in 2012 accepting a position as a consultant for call center, customer service, collections and recovery of portfolio assets for Colombian Banks such as Aval and Banco Pichincha groups. He worked his way up to a position as a supervisor at a company that was ranked number one among more than fifteen Asset Recovery companies. The ranking was earned due to its audited reports from banks that measured the results of customer service, asset recovery and collections.


In order to expand his business experiences, Jonathan took a position with Educar Colombia Foundation (EDUCOL), where rights are restored to girls and adolescents who have been violated sexually and emotionally. EDUCOL is under the supervision of Colombian Institute of Family Welfare ICBF, a government agency that is responsible of the protection of the rights of children and adolescents in Colombia. Jonathan worked as the head of the human resources area and was an administrative assistant to the Executive Director and Accountant of the organization. Specifically, he handled payroll payments, payments to suppliers and handling of financial audits, income and expenses of the contracts obtained between EDUCOL and ICBF of the Colombian government.


Jonathan is coordinating and managing a Scholarship Program in Colombia that will be funded by A List Partners. The applicants are students in business communication, finance, marketing or journalism and are competing for a scholarship by creating and submitting examples of press releases, marketing materials, news articles and / or digital advertising to the judging panel for selection of the winning applicant. There are many conditions that an applicant must meet before the application process is completed. Jonathan will communicate and mentor each applicant to complete the application package and then head the judging panel to select the student to receive the scholarship award. Additionally, Jonathan will be learning sales and marketing techniques from our Marketing Manager and Director of Business Development in Colombia.


In his free time from working and studying, Jonathan studies English, practices diving and underwater swimming, reads and manages his own business, Bikes Colombia, where he rents bikes and organizes bike tours for tourists and local people. His dream is to work for a US based company and build its brand and presence in Colombia.

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