Jesse W. Anderson

A List Partners Technology Team

Jesse W. Anderson has 10 years’ experience in real estate investing. While attending university in South Dakota, Jesse started a real estate investing business. Using buy and hold strategies and specializing in tax lien purchases, Jesse grew the business while simultaneously graduating with Business Administration degree and a specialization in Entrepreneurial Studies. He then decided to take on a new adventure.

In between that, Jesse spent time in business development overseas. He worked with the CEO of a non-profit on a five year strategic plan to sustainability while horizontally expanding and increasing funding considerably.

After that, Jesse moved to Austin, TX and where he grew his sales and leadership skills. Jesse has three years’ experience in banking and mortgages, working for Wells Fargo and Citibank, where he was the leader in sales.

The last three years, Jesse has worked for Dell, where he started as a field escalations manager. Deciding to grow his financial literacy he was promoted to Dell’s financial services side where he is a credit advisor, analyzing small and medium businesses financials for credit approval. While working at Dell, Jesse has never left the real estate community. Jesse is currently a deal maker, finding wholesales, fix and flips, and buy and hold deals.

When it comes to volunteering, Jesse has a passion for helping animals. Jesse has donated much of his time to care taking, training, and exercising dogs in the local shelter.