High Yield Real Estate Investment Funds

The high yield real estate funds available from A List Partners Management, LLC (ALPM) are founded on conservative investment principals, meticulous underwriting standards, and the belief that the development of our communities creates a far better ROI than gambling away hard-earned savings on Wall Street or parking deposits into banks, which pay you pennies on your deposits.

ALPM pursues above-market returns for its investor/clients by primarily investing in the historically strong and steady Texas real estate market. The target ROI of ALPM is to manage real estate transactions that yield greater than 12% annually.

Investors may choose to receive a check for their semi-annual distribution or they may choose to reinvest their distribution to build wealth by compounding their earned distribution making them an attractive alternative investment for self-directed IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401ks, SEPs, or any other type of self-directed retirement account.

Compare our return rates to the rates banks offer on a five-year Certificates of Deposit, and see why ALPM offers a clear choice for the thoughtful investor. Investors receive semi-annual distributions based upon the net profitability of the fund, meaning that some periods may have small distributions and some periods may have larger distributions.

We anticipate offering Crowdfunding options for investors in 2016.

For more information on how ALPM delivers to you the high returns on investment you deserve, please read through our web site, watch our educational videos and contact us with your questions at 512-687-6263. Our offices are located in the iconic Frost Bank Tower, 401 Congress Ave. Suite 1540 in Austin, Texas.