Fojael Choudhury


Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Fojael is responsible for marketing and business development activities and works with investors to transition them into alternative investments and EB-5 immigration investment opportunities. In addition, Fojael also works with ALPM’s partners, primary and secondary market lenders, and brokers while maintaining and cultivating current and future relationships with investors, lead strategic client management and communication, execution of business plans, market research, international partnerships & alliances, and investment compliance. Fojael has over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate and financial markets to support marketing, business development, and analytics to find new markets and grow market share.


Prior to joining ALPM, Fojael has worked as a project manager with Baker Tilly Capital and Xecute Business Solutions where he provided business modeling, planning, market research, and management consulting to over 20 EB-5 project developers in eight states, worked on 50+ commercial development projects valued over $2B, and coordinated equity raising and funding of over $300 million.


Fojael also worked with Deloitte and Thomson Reuters in London, UK where he was responsible for defining and executing the go-to-market product launch process, including market needs analysis, product positioning, pricing, and sales. Fojael holds an MBA from the Texas A&M University San Antonio and a BA in International Business from Cardiff’s Metropolitan University, UK.

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