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Feb. 24: 50 Shades of Real Estate Investment


There is a diverse array of strategies that real estate investors use to turn a profit, especially in a booming market like ours. These varied philosophies strategies each have their pros and their cons, and the effectiveness of each is heavily dependent upon variables like:

Investment goals: Long term or short term?
Investor’s financing strategy: Equity? Debt? Cash? Leverage?
Income goals: Cash flow or lump sum profit?
Management tactics: Do you want to manage investment projects, manage properties, or manage both?

This Lunch & Learn on Feb. 24 will examine the pros and cons of several of the most common and effective real estate investment strategies, to help attendees make an educated decision about which investment method is the best fit for your next project.

To reserve a spot a this free Lunch & Learn, RSVP through Meetup.  To see videos from our past Lunch & Learns, subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Event Info:

11:30 AM

Monday, February 24, 2014

Frost Bank Tower 11th Floor Conference Center

401 Congress Ave., Austin, TX

Parking: Very affordable street parking is available around the Frost Tower along 4th St., 5th St. and Congress Ave.; Parking in the Frost Tower is most convenient, but it is pricey.