David F. Owen, CFM

Chief Executive Officer

As the managing member of A List Partners Management, LLC, David Owen, CFM, is responsible for managing the management team whose members assist in the day to day operation of the companies and funds under the A List Partners umbrella of companies. Also responsible for working with securities and local attorneys to stay on top of Federal and State Legal Compliance reporting, liaison to accounting firms, mentoring the members of the management team and preparing them to keep the funds and related companies profitably running for years to come and, to build relationships with Non-US Investors in countries around the world.

David has earned the designation of Certified Fund Manager by the American Association of Private Lenders and has 40 plus years of professional experience in the Texas real estate market and real estate finance industry. A multi-degreed professional, David has accrued leadership skills that have given him insight into how to manage successful businesses and is one of the visionary founders of a group of companies under the Pride of Austin brand.

After resigning as a Managing Member of Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC, David retired. But, retirement was short lived because the investors and peers with whom he built long-standing relationships literally demanded that he stay involved in the industry. So in March of 2015, less than three months after retiring, he launched a group of companies under the A List Partners brand. Determined to build these new companies bigger and better, David is on the leading edge of the future of the private lender industry and is visionary in his keen understanding of where the profession is heading.

His ability to think outside the box on all things financial as it applies to real estate coupled with his conservative approach to managing investments has earned him a reputation among other private real estate fund managers and private lenders as being a leader in that industry. Investors are very appreciative of the consistent hard work of David and his team who together deliver high yields to investors in the funds.

David served as a member of the Board of Advisors of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) for a number of years and shared the responsibilities with other board members to develop seminars and conferences and to write course curriculum for educating the members of AAPL. He has been inducted into the Master’s Council of Private Lenders by Leonard Rosen, arguably the top guru in the private lending industry.