Daniel Quintero

Daniel Quintero


International Business Communication

Daniel Quintero, is a native of Bogotá, Colombia. He is in his internship semester (final semester) studying Modern Languages at EAN University at Bogotá. He will graduate in December 2019 with a degree in Business Administration Modern Languages with emphasis on Business Organizational Communication. As a part of his degree plan, he must demonstrate proficiency in four languages; Spanish, English, Portuguese and French for business development purposes and social conversation. Additionally Daniel must demonstrate that he has the ability to promote the process of communication and internationalization with organizations. He is a very analytical person who wants everything completed impeccably.


Daniel’s emphasis is on Organizational Communication and can perform as an intercultural mediator in organizational contexts, applying knowledge in the solution of current problems with the management of several technological tools. He has acquired experience from a communication campaign he performed with his employer together with the internationalization office of his university. He has knowledge of creating marketing collateral pieces to demonstrate the business communication and the problem solving that is inherit when a business promotes their mission and message across multi-cultural audiences.


Daniel will be working with the management team in the US as well as in Latin America producing intercultural marketing materials in English, Spanish and Portuguese to be use to enhance the A List Partners brand in the US and in Latin America.


Daniel was a cheerleader for ten years and has taken the skills and behavior learning from his years as a cheerleader and continually presents himself as a confident man full of joy and positive energy. Growing up in Bogota, Daniel has always been fascinated to know other cultures and to experience what the world can offer him in the way of personal growth challenges. His chosen education discipline is particularly suited to allow him to work in cross-cultural business communication and will open the door to him for experiencing the world beyond Colombia.


Daniel is focused on living a very healthy lifestyle so that through nutrition and exercise he will pay tribute to his body, which he regards as a sacred creation to be honored and protected.

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