Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner

Easily expected to be a trillion dollar contributor to the economy by 2020, note the following comments from the Harvard Business School.

Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner

“Crowdsourcing as a way to deal with innovation problems has existed in one form or another for centuries. Communities of innovators have helped kick-start entire industries, including aviation and personal computing. The difference today lies in technology. Over the past decade tools for development, design, and collaboration have been radically transformed; they’re getting more powerful and easier to use all the time, even as their prices plummet. At least as important, online crowdsourcing platforms have become much more sophisticated, making it ever simpler to manage, support, and mediate among distributed workers. Companies can reinvigorate (with incentive systems, for example) and redeploy crowds across a continual stream of problems. In essence, the crowd has become a fixed institution available on demand.”

– Harvard Business School

Crowdfunding for real estate projects has become very popular recently, especially in Texas. Although we feel our Regional Center Fund and our REI Fund give most seasoned investors greater diversity with the potential for higher returns, we do recognize that some investors want to at least have the option to explore crowdfunding opportunities, which require smaller amounts of capital to start an investment.

A List Partners Management, LLC is launching our own innovative A List Partners crowd funding portal where investors will be able to access different investment opportunities in addition to our own sponsored funds.