Barbara A. Diggs

Investor Relations

“I have lived, in and around Austin, Texas most of my life. I have watched it grow and grow until it is busting at the county lines, and still growing.

I graduated for Prairie View A&M in 1971. Moved from Texas to many different states and finally returned to Austin in 1974.

I worked for the State of Texas at the State Comptroller of Public Accounts for a total of 34 years. I worked in many divisions and many different positions, from file clerk, staff positions, to area manager of supervisors. Then I found my niche as a budget analyst. I continued in this position until I retired in 2001. After 30 days, I returned to work as a “double dipper” in September 2001. During my return to work days, I tremendously increased my retirement funds in a 401K and 457. I was really getting ahead of the game until “Wall Street” let us all down, oh the money I lost! I knew then I had to find a better way of investing my hard earned money. Finally, I fully retired from the state in 2008, because I wanted to travel and enjoy life while I could and I believe that you should not work until you die.

After state retirement, I studied to become a Realtor. I thought I could manage my travel and career as an agent. Soon, I realized I could not work as a Realtor and cruise as much as we were doing. I am now an inactive Realtor.

Our retirement lifestyle is one of a dream come true; almost unbelievable. Thanks to our distributions checks that I receive from my investments in private funds like A List Partners REI FUnd. They are mostly used for cruise vacations.

Whether I am on the ship or on dry land, when I tell of our travels and experiences, “they” (including my daughter) want to live like me when they “grow up.” With that, I don’t hesitate to tell them about the distribution earnings that we are and have been realizing from our investments in private funds vs. the bank’s rate of return.