Austin Real Estate Prices Continue to Climb

Last week, Jan Buchholz of the Austin Business Journal reported that in June, Austin home prices rose 7.5 percent compared to June of last year. This news, which came out of a report filed by CoreLogic, Inc. further solidifies experts’ claims that despite the sluggish growth of the national economy, Austin is a sellers’ market.

All the way back in May, Austin American-Statesman reporters Shonda Novak and Lori Hawkins broke news of the market’s momentum, quoting veteran housing expert Mark Sprague as saying, “The market has definitely turned the corner… The house or apartment you look at today won’t be there tomorrow.”

Low inventory and high demand continues to drive prices to escalate in Austin and the Central Texas region, which means more good news for Pride of Austin Capital Partners LLC investors, who netted 17.6% returns last year.

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Read Buchholz’ entire story from the ABJ here.

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