Our Advantage

Higher Returns On Your Investment

A List Partners Regional Center pays above average returns to our investors. As a savvy investor, earning a higher return on your investments means more income to you. We manage assets that were vetted and acquired using conservative underwriting principles.


Our EB5 investors earn a fixed annual rate of return of between 2% and 3% annually, depending upon the NCE in which they are invested.


Our US investors and non-US investors may earn a fixed 10% annual rate or a fluctuating rate based upon the profitability of the fund.


Another option for non-US investors would be to earn income, tax-free of the US Federal Government, that has an annual fixed rate of return between 6% and 12%, depending upon the project they have invested into. Some investment opportunities also offer profit participation on top of the fixed rate of return.


Take a look at our current EB5 Visa approved Projects.

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