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Higher Returns On Your Investment

There are many benefits of using A List Partners Regional Center (ALPRC) and investing in NCE’s managed by our Regional Center and A List Partners International. As a savvy investor, earning a higher return on your investments means more income to you. We manage assets that were vetted and acquired using conservative underwriting principles and into which we have invested our own money. The success of the project is just as important to our financial health as it is to the financial health of our EB5 Investors.


Our EB5 investors earn a fixed annual rate of return of between 3% and 4% annually, depending upon the NCE in which they are invested. Additionally, we offer an optional opportunity to our EB5 Investors that will help them increase the income they earn while their application is being processed for their permanent green card. Once our EB5 investors have received their conditional green card, we offer them an optional opportunity to make money as a reward for choosing to make an investment into one of our managed NCE’s.


ALPRC and A List Partners International have arranged with Northshore Development to extend a $500,000 Line of Credit to our EB5 Investors to be used to build a home or condominium in Northshore 357 or Windy Point Resorts. The purpose of the home or condominium is for personal use, rental income or a mix of the two with NSD offering to manage the property for our EB5 investor who decides to place their newly built home or condominium into our management care for short term and vacation rentals.


  • Maximum 80% Loan to Value Ratio
  • Non-Qualifying / Ten percent (10%) Interest / 15 year amortization / no pre-payment penalty
  • Construction must begin prior to USCIS approval of permanent green card
  • Must use Northshore Development as the builder
  • You may refinance the home or condominium at any time
  • You may sell the home upon completion and earn capital gains
  • Or, you may keep the home as your residence or as rental income


Our US investors and non-US investors may earn a fixed 10% annual rate or a fluctuating rate based upon the profitability of the fund. Another option for non-US investors would be to earn income, tax-free of the US Federal Government, that has an annual fixed rate of return between 6% and 12%, depending upon the project they have invested into. Some investment opportunities also offer profit participation on top of the fixed rate of return.


Take a look at our current EB5 Visa approved Projects.

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