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A List Partners International, LLC

The management team at A List Partners International (ALPI) has employees and agents in the USA, South America and SE Asia. We work together to promote and manage a Regional Center that has been designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Although our corporate office is located in Austin, Texas USA, we have a presence in Bogota, Colombia that covers Colombia and Central America; in Sao Paulo, Brazil that covers Brazil and Chile; and, in Singapore that covers SE Asia.


A List Partners Regional Center, LLC

A List Partners Regional Center, LLC (ALPRC) is a designated Regional Center by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). An EB-5 Regional Center is an entity that is filed, approved by, and audited by USCIS for managing EB-5 projects and investments. The legal structure of ALPRC is as a Regulation D Rule 506C Security filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


As a Regional Center, we work with EB-5 Investors and directly manage the New Commercial Enterprises (NCE) formed to work with the Sponsor / Job Creating Entities (JCE) that have engaged A List Partners Regional Center to work with them through the application process to request that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) approve their project as a JCE. Once the application is submitted to USCIS, ALPRC begins to market to EB-5 Investors and raise capital to invest into the JCE as a part of the capital stack for the development of the project.


Income streams from activity of the Regional Center include:

  •  In some cases, equity participation in real estate projects we finance
  •  In some cases, equity participation in EB-5 projects
  •  Income from ‘renting’ our regional center to developers
  • Admin income from each EB-5 Investor
  • Participation in the yield created by each New Commercial Enterprise managed by ALPRC


Pertinent to EB-5 Investors, A List Partners International manages the investment into the JCE from the NCE and is responsible for all communication to and with the EB-5 Investors, facilitating communication and reporting to, with and between the JCE, NCE and USCIS and responsible for all financial and legal compliance, reporting and accountability to EB-5 investors, between the NCE and JCE and to USCIS.


All of our New Commercial Enterprises (NCE) are set up as a Regulation D Security as well. This gives our EB-5 Investors an added comfort level that there is an additional layer of compliance with a Federal Agency to make sure that the project and the investment are being managed correctly with the best interest of the investors in mind.


ALPRC treats our EB-5 Investors with the greatest of respect and appreciation and thus offers some of the highest returns to EB-5 Investors in the industry. EB-5 Investors earn income from participating in the interest that the JCE is charged for the investment and, in some case, from equity participation once the project is completed and sold.


Our success rate is phenomenal. Consider these numbers from our EB5 history:

  • 1,010 EB-5 Visas Approved from the collaborative efforts of the EB5 Team
  • $505,000,000 In EB-5 Capital to Developers
  •  Over 12,000 permanent jobs have been created from our activity
  • A List EB5 Team has also provided external consulting services to 11 Regional Centers in 12 Metro Areas across the United States
  • A List EB5 Team has worked with 32 EB5 project developers in 62 commercial development projects


We are currently managing or underwriting projects funded with EB5 capital. Consider these numbers in our current workload:

  • Three projects in underwriting
  •  224 EB5 Investors
  • Raising $162,000,000 in EB5 Capital



There are many reasons to invest in a project that is managed through A List Partners Regional Center. Here are three reasons that affect your opportunity to build wealth in the USA:


  • ALPRC pays 3% to 4% Annual Return on Investments to our EB5 Investors, depending on the investment
  •  Offering 100% financing to our EB5 Investors to build a home in one of our approved projects
  • Offering 100% financing on opportunities to buy or build investment properties to increase your return on your investments!

Our US Investors and Non-US Investors may earn a fixed 10% annual rate or a fluctuating rate based upon the profitability of the fund.

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