3 More Reasons We Are Bullish on Texas

By David Owen
Managing Member
A List Partners, LLC/Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC

Investors from other States sometimes ask us why we limit ourselves to investing only in Texas properties. Clearly Texas was the last State to fall victim to the recession, and it was the first State to stabelize and start pulling out of the recession. Here are three more reasons that we are bullish on investing in first deeds of trust on properties located in Texas:

1. Texas unemployment rate dropped to 6.9% in April 2012 from 7% in March 2012 and from 8% one year ago (April 2011). When people are employed they buy things; including real estate, which keeps the value of real estate stabelized. Now why can’t the collective DC get that through their pee brains!

2. According to a report from the US Department of Commerce, the Texas economy now accounts for 8.7% of the nation’s economy. This percentage is up from 7.4% one decade ago. Clearly Texas is making a positive contibution to the overall economic health of the nation while many States have shown a decline in their contribution to the economic health of the nation. True, an investor can purchase properties in some States for pennies on the dollar but what good is that if there is not a market to rent or purchase the property after it is acquired? With the population increasing each year in Texas there is a greater demand on real estate (purcahse and rental).

3. A recent study shows that Texas leads the nation for job creation in the natural gas sector as a result of the shale boom. This sector alone is expected to create more than 680,000 new jobs by 2035. More jobs equals greater spending and population growth. Population growth creates greater demand for real estate.

And these are just 3 reasons why an investor should consider investing with a successful fund with a historical yield of 15.59% net to investors collateralized by first deeds of trust on properties in Texas.