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ALPRC provides many opportunities for investing into viable real estate projects in the major metropolitan areas of Texas.

Permanent Visa

EB5 Visa Program

The “Immigrant Investor Visa” (EB-5 visa) is an investment-based opportunity for a green card as administered through the (USCIS).

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Our Advantage

Our team of real estate experts  provide attractive alternatives to our clients through our approved list of EB5 investment Projects.


“My name is Tim and I am an investor from Utah in A List Partner’s Regional Center Fund. I have known David Owen (CEO of A-List Partners International) for 7 years. When I heard that A List was opening the Regional Center Fund, I talked with David regarding the opportunity. He and his team provided me with details on the inner workings and properties in which the Regional Center Fund is involved. I then decided to invest in this great opportunity. I also have friends and family who have invested as well. Just from Utah, investment over $1 million USD has been made.


A List has been forthcoming with the operations of the Fund and we have been paid interest on the investment, as promised. The fund has excellent opportunities to grow from projects in Texas as well as other locations.”

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